Does Cannabis Help Depression?

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There is much debate about whether or not cannabis helps or hinders individuals suffering from depression. Some say it helps alleviates the symptoms, while those who oppose medicinal cannabis altogether argue that it is the cause of depressions and/or worsens the symptoms of depression.

There are myriad studies in favor of both opinions. I personally prefer natural medicine to pharmaceuticals if it is possible. There are many negative side effects associated with pharmaceutical anti-depressants, such as increased suicidal thoughts, fatigue or insomnia, decreased libido, among others.

Why would someone who is depressed want to take a medication that could potentially worsen their symptoms of suicidal thoughts? Of course, everyone is different, and for some people, pharmaceutical medications work wonders.

Unfortunately, for others it changes their attitude and behavior for the worse, therefore exacerbating the existing symptoms of depression. It is interesting how antidepressants have the potential to make you fatigued, but also the potential to cause insomnia.

Pharmaceutical Risks and Detox Considerations

Weaning off of antidepressants is also dangerous, and must be done under strict supervision by a doctor. There is an increased likelihood you will experience those aforementioned side effects when weaning off of an antidepressant, in addition to symptoms of withdrawal, so a doctor’s monitoring is necessary.

Seeing a therapist regularly during the weaning process is also essential. He or she will help you to learn to cope with symptoms of depression without medication. There are many different types of antidepressants that function in different ways – SSRI’s, SNRI’s, tricyclics, and MAO inhibitors. They all have negative side effects associated with them. Cannabis, on the other hand, has none of such side effects, it is also non-toxic, unlike pharmaceutical medication.

I myself have been in some form of an antidepressant since the age of 13. When I discovered cannabis could treat the same symptoms my anti-depressants did without the negative side effects, I realized it could be possible to switch from pharmaceutical medications to medical marijuana.

I began exploring high CBD and high Indica strains, as well as edibles, and CBD capsules. I can only speak for myself, but cannabis definitely helps with my depression, especially in the morning and at night.

On the other hand, just like anything, when used in excess, cannabis may make depression worse, so make sure to combine medical marijuana intake with other healthy practices, such as yoga, therapy, bike riding, nature walks, etc. When used in the right doses at the right times, cannabis can really be helpful getting through the rough day’s depression is known to cause.

Can Cannabis Help Depression-Linked Anxiety?

Anxiety often occurs concurrently with depression, and cannabis is proven to help with relaxation, ergo it can also help with anxiety. However, in some users, the more energetic, talkative sativa strains can cause anxiety, so indica or indica-dominant strains are preferred, especially for bedtime.

Sativas are great for the morning when you need to relax, but also need to be productive through a full day of work. Recently, CBD alone, the non-psychoactive component of cannabis, has been proven to alleviate symptoms associated with anxiety and anxiety disorders, such as PTSD.

When taken sublingually, or dissolved under the tongue (for the most rapid results), at the right dosage, it is proven to help with stress and anxiety associated with depression. There are also CBD capsules, in addition to the tinctures.

Since everyone’s brain is different and everyone experiences depression differently, it is not 100% certain whether or not cannabis helps all patients with depression. However, due to the innumerable published studies, combined with patient testimonials, it can be said that cannabis definitely helps a majority of people alleviate the symptoms of depression without the negative side effects.

“While antidepressants can be effective for patients who suffer from severe forms of depression, they seem to have little to no effect on patients with mild or moderate depression.”

Talk to your doctor before making the switch to a cannabis-only anti-depressant regimen, especially if you are needing to wean off of a medication. Look for shops with high CBD strains, these include but are not limited to Harlequin, Cannatonic, and Charlotte’s Web. Check out

Some people need to stay on antidepressants for their whole lives, others do not. It all depends.

Nevertheless, I think cannabis is a safer alternative to antidepressants, due to the horrible side effects that come along with taking them especially over long periods of time. There are a lot of companies that sell purely CBD products online, such as CBD Oil Review and Rocket Remedies. Since the products by both of these companies contain CBD only, it is available for purchase online anywhere legally.

I personally have tried Rocket Remedies anxiety capsules. They are 25mg per capsule and are part of a plant-based remedy. I can personally confirm that these work for symptoms of anxiety associated with depression and/or anxiety disorders. Explore the options of CBD to see which form and what dosage works best for you. A 1:1 ratio of THC: CBD, or any ratio, may also be an option to treat symptoms of depression.