Did the Same Guy Purchase the First Legal Weed in Colorado and Washington?

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His legend keeps growing. Everyone in the state of Colorado says they were there. Some say he walked into 3D Cannabis Center, the first legal pot shop in Denver, and bought an eighth of Girl Scout Cookies. Or was it Karing Kind in Boulder, where he purchased a pre-roll of Purple Haze? If you believed what everyone said, you’d think there were 15 million people who saw that guy make history.

Hemp Superhero

From Native Americans with peace pipes to Reefer Madness, the people of America have always respected the power of the hemp plant. But one man rose above when he became the first guy to purchase legal weed in Colorado and Washington. It’s like the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks playing against each other in the Super Bowl, which happened in 2014: the exact same year that recreational pot became legal in each team’s home state. It can’t be a coincidence.

Purchasing the first legal weed in two states is an impressive accomplishment. It’s practically superhero status. Did this guy really buy some George W. Kush in Denver and then drive 1,300 miles to Seattle for a strong indica and a couple of joints?

The people of America spoke on Election Day 2012, when Colorado’s Amendment 64 and Washington’s I-502 made cannabis legal again. But the retail marijuana dispensaries didn’t begin business activities on the same day. So “the guy” could have purchased the first legal weed in Colorado on New Year’s Day 2014, chilled out for six months and then arrived in Washington in time for opening day on July 7. That’s a whole lot of taking in the Rocky Mountains before heading up to the Pacific Northwest.

Maybe he spent a few weeks at Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, or maybe he drove out west to Humboldt County and checked out the cannabis growing hub of California. He could have toured the world or gone backpacking in Europe, for all we know. If you have any information about this man, please help us track him down. Maybe it was a woman?

And here’s the bigger question: was this incredible person also the first to buy recreational cannabis in Oregon on October 1, 2016? Will he or she make it out to the east coast to spark up the first legal doobie in Massachusetts on January 1, 2018? If this guy gets California, Nevada, and Maine under his belt, that would be insane. Maybe he was at Herbal Outfitters in Valdez to celebrate the grand opening of the first recreational pot shop in the state of Alaska. That would be super epic superhero status, bro.

We are witnessing the cannabis revolution in America. You can explore Portland, Oregon on a weed-friendly High 5 Tours excursion. You can celebrate life with a wedding at The Cannabis Chapel in Las Vegas. It’s finally legal to relax with a Mile High Mint after a long day of skiing in Vail, Colorado. Heck, why not become a cannabis entrepreneur and start your own grow operation?

We’ve come a long way, and there is one man that fully embraces the world we live in. If you ever meet the guy who purchased the first legal weed in Colorado and Washington, tell him we said “High.”