Charnesia-Corley-800x430This is one of the most depressing and horrific stories we’ve come across recently.

Charges have officially been dropped against a woman named Charneshia Corley, who was sexually assaulted in a parking lot by two police officers who claimed to be conducting a search for marijuana.

What’s most terrifying is that these police officers conducted an anal and vaginal cavity search in a parking lot and in public view. The police did in fact find .02 ounces of cannabis in their search, but the ends are clearly not justified by the means. Whether due to threat of lawsuit or public outcry, the charges have officially been dropped. Per the Star-Telegram:

“Drug possession and resisting arrest charges have been dropped against a Houston-area woman who says female deputies violated her rights by doing a body cavity search in a parking lot.

Charges were dismissed Thursday against Charneshia Corley of Spring. Corley’s attorney, Sam Cammack (KAM’-ak), says he then filed a complaint with the Harris County Sheriff’s Office claiming an unconstitutional search.

Prosecutors didn’t immediately return messages Friday. A spokeswoman for the sheriff’s office had no information on a complaint being filed.”

If you don’t believe these officers should be fired for their misconduct, the complete description of the horrifying event will change your mind. Per the Huffington Post:

“They sexually assaulted, raped me and molested me,” Corley told The Huffington Post on Monday.

Her attorney, Samuel Cammack III, told HuffPost the two deputies asked Corley to remove her pants in full view of passersby.

“She said, ‘No, I don’t have any panties on,’ so the officer told her to bend over and she pulled her pants down for her and went to stick her hand inside of Ms. Corely,” Cammack said.

Corley resisted and the deputies forced her face-first to the ground, Cammack said. The female deputy then climbed onto Corley’s back and pinned her, while the officers awaited the arrival of a second female deputy, according to the lawyer. After the second female deputy arrived, the two women officers held Corley down and forcibly spread her legs, Cammack said.

“One held one leg and the other held the other leg and they stuck their fingers up inside of her,” said Cammack. “This was in a Texaco parking lot, where people were walking by and cars were driving by. This was a very busy area.”