How Can CBD Oil Capsules Benefit Your Health?

CBD oil capsules

If there is one word that has taken the cannabis industry by storm lately, it’s “CBD“. So, what exactly does it mean? CBD is an abbreviation for the word cannabidiol, which is a cannabinoid compound found in marijuana. One of the more well-known compounds found in marijuana is THC, but it actually has different effects than CBD.

CBD and THC are both active compounds in marijuana, and while they can both be present in some products (labeled as either 1:1, 2:1, etc.), CBD can be extracted from the marijuana plant and sold in various forms on its own without the presence of THC. Some of the most popular forms are CBD oil, capsules, and CBD oil capsules. There are slight differences between these various CBD products, but in general, the benefits of CBD run far and wide.

If you are new to cannabis, have no fear! CBD products do not make you high – In fact, they are completely non-psychoactive but still contain numerous of the benefits credited to marijuana. They are a great option for people looking to improve their health and wellness or supplement treatment for serious illnesses

What is the Difference Between CBD Oil & CBD Capsules?

In general, the cannabis industry has a lot of confusing terminologies. Some CBD products you might see on the market include:

  • Concentrated CBD oil
  • CBD crystals mixed with vegetable or hemp carrier oil
  • CBD Powder
  • CBD Oil Capsules
  • CBD Capsule
  • CBD Hemp Pills
  • CBD body care products
  • CBD-infused foods and beverages

These days, CBD is widely considered something that can be used as a daily health supplement in addition to being a successful treatment option for serious diseases and health conditions. Each different CBD product is going to offer a different type of dosage and benefit depending on the quality of the hemp plant that is used. A lot of health products – especially those in grocery stores – claim to have the benefits of CBD just because they are made with hemp. While that can be true, if you really want the benefits of CBD, make sure the product lists a dosage amount. Without this, you have no idea if the product you are using really has CBD or not. If you are looking for a stronger, more consistent dosage of CBD, capsules are usually the best option. These can be purchased online or from a dispensary.

There isn’t a huge difference between CBD oil and CBD capsules. A lot of people like to add CBD oil to their coffee or smoothies, and that is a wonderful way to enjoy the benefits of CBD. However, CBD oil does have a bit of a nutty taste and can be harder to dose. Some people prefer CBD capsules because they are tasteless and odorless, can be taken on the go, and are really easy to dose. Other than that, there is no added medical benefit to taking a capsule versus consuming the oil on its own.

What Are The Benefits of CBD Oil Capsules?

In addition to being portable and easy to dose, CBD capsules have tons of amazing benefits. In fact, take a CBD capsule might just be the best thing you ever did for your health! CBD is known for their ability to relieve pain, anxiety, depression, alleviate cancer symptoms, reduce inflammation (including acne), protect brain cells, lower blood pressure, reduce the severity of schizophrenia, help with drug addiction, reduce tumors, and prevent diabetes. Now, that’s a pretty long-winded list of benefits!

If you are looking to use CBD to treat any of the above conditions and not just as a preventative measure, you want to make sure you are getting the absolute best quality product available. Otherwise, you might not get the benefits you are looking for. If you have a serious condition, it’s best to speak with a consultant at your local dispensary. They have a deep knowledge of the products they carry, should have experience working with medical cannabis patients, and can get you something that will actually work.

Are CBD Oil Capsules Faster Acting?

CBD oil capsules have a lot of benefits, but capsulizing your CBD products can make them absorb more slowly. One benefit to taking CBD oil capsules, however, is that once they do kick in, they will last a lot longer and will get deeper into your digestive tract and gut. This is an excellent benefit if you are taking CBD to reduce inflammation from gut or colon conditions. If you have something like prostate or ovarian cancer, you can also take a CBD capsule in suppository form.

How To Choose the Right CBD Capsule Dosage

Unlike other health supplements, there is no official recommended daily intake (RDI) from the FDA regarding CBD products. This makes finding the proper dosage for your condition a little difficult. Many people who use CBD products go through a period of trial and error ? and just experiment with the product until they get their desired effect. In order to find the right CBD capsule dosage for you, consider your body weight first and foremost. If you weigh between 151-240lbs., a proper dose would range from 18mg to 27mg. It’s best to start with a small dose and work your way up depending on how it feels and how serious of a condition you are trying to treat.