CBD and Pets: Is It Safe and Effective?

Happy Dog on Yellow Background
Photo by: Jess Wealleans/Shutterstock

Happy Dog on Yellow Background
Photo by: Jess Wealleans/Shutterstock
We all want to do right by our pets. Our furry friends fill our lives with a unique kind of companionship, and keeping them comfortable can be difficult when they start to suffer from uncomfortable medical conditions and the aging process. We already know that weed and pets don’t mix, but luckily for the concerned pet owner, the new and thriving legal marijuana industry has come up with yet another surprise. Using CBD oil for pets is becoming more widespread, but some aren’t sure CBD and pets are a suitable combination.

What Can CBD Do for My Pet?

Giving your dog or cat CBD results in the same effects you’d expect when giving it to a human. That’s because everything with a spine has an endocannabinoid system (ECS). Your ECS is responsible for keeping your body in “homeostasis,” a critical term referring to the tricky balancing act your body constantly performs to maintain ideal operating conditions. If your temperature is too low, your blood sugar is spiking, or you’re suddenly sweating bullets for no apparent reason, your body is being thrown out of homeostasis.

Inflammation is one of the biggest reasons that humans use CBD. It has been shown to suppress the body’s inflammatory reaction, potentially lowering the ceiling for how much inflammation your body can actually produce. This is great for older dogs and cats, as one of the chief issues that even healthy pets experience is arthritis due to age.

CBD is also known to reduce chronic pain, another boon for the arthritic animal or pets suffering from conditions like cancer.

Although this evidence is mostly anecdotal, many pet owners rave about the ability of CBD oil or treats to reduce anxiety in their pets. Certain breeds of dog are especially prone to anxiety (think toy breeds like Chihuahuas), and there’s only so much a gentle voice and a Thundershirt can do to calm a distraught animal. Cat anxiety, as many owners know, tends to manifest in a scarier, more claw-filled way. But both animals can benefit from the neuroprotective effects of CBD.

What Kind of CBD Should I Get?

CBD Oil in Vial
Photo by: ElRoi/Shutterstock
By now, a slew of companies have taken a look at CBD and pets and realized there’s a huge market for high-quality CBD pet products. We don’t recommend using your dispensary CBD products to medicate your animals, largely because they usually still contain THC. We’ve previously explored the perils of a pet getting high, and although most CBD products don’t contain enough THC to do that in small doses, it’s just not a risk you want to take with your dog or cat.

Instead, most pet-geared companies bring CBD and pets together through the use of hemp-derived oil that’s sold in capsules or made into treats. These products also have the benefit of already having the dosage worked out for you. If you’re looking to try CBD products for your dog or cat, here are three great places to start:

  • Canna-Pet: These tested and safe products are as close as you’ll get to vet-recommended. Their products for dogs and cats have rave reviews, which you can view on their website.
  • CBDistillery: This company branched out to include pets in their line of CBD products. Their tincture is made with cold-pressed, organic hemp seed oil.
  • Bark Avenue: Having made all-natural therapeutic dog treats for quite some time, Bark Avenue has now added CBD dog treats to its menu.

CBD and pets can be a wonderful combination if you do your due diligence and find a reputable supplier. Be sure to consult your vet about it beforehand; they may have some ideas for you!

Article by: Spencer Grey