Cannabis Tampons: What Are They & How Can They Help Women?

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Throughout history, cannabis has been used as a pain-reliever for various medical conditions, diseases, and illnesses including menstrual cycle pain. Surprisingly, Queen Victoria was prescribed cannabis to treat her period pain back in the late 1800s by doctor Sir Russell Reynolds. He stated the following about cannabis in 1890, “When pure and administered carefully, cannabis is one of the most valuable medicines we possess.” Since then, cannabis has been extensively studied, researched, and used in experiments, and multiple studies explain the countless medical benefits it provides users with, especially menstrual cycle pain-relief.

Cannabis Can Help!

Fast forward to the 21st century; it has been estimated by that women experience 450 periods during their lifetime, which is about three times as many as compared to our hunter-gatherer ancestors. Due to how many periods women experience throughout their life, there is now an option to treat themselves with cannabis during this difficult and often painful monthly cycle. Thanks to a company called Foria, they have created a special delivery system intended to maximize the muscle-relaxing as well as pain-relieving properties of cannabis without inducing a psychoactive high.

Furthermore, Foria wanted to invent a product that could ensure a safe and painless experience for all women who undergo a somewhat consistent monthly period. The cannabis tampons created by Foria come in a package with four suppositories, which are the parts that help deliver the medicine directly to where it is needed most for each individual.

Introducing the Cannabis Tampon

The cannabis tampons are shaped in a small capsule form and they have a cocoa-butter based insert, which can be used before inserting a traditional tampon or while a tampon is already inserted. As recommended by Foria, the cannabis tampon suppository should be kept in for about fifteen minutes before inserting a regular tampon so that the CBD isolate and THC can provide the pain-relief and comfort to its female users. On average, women reported feeling pain-relief within fifteen to thirty minutes after insertion, as mentioned by

cannabis tamponsAlso, there are four servings per package of cannabis tampons and one serving contains sixty milligrams of THC and ten milligrams of CBD isolate. This information has been posted on the company’s website in addition to Foria telling users that the CBD isolate is from USDA certified organically grown hemp. Even though there is a decent amount of THC per single serving, the products have not been reported by users to have given them a “high” or euphoric feeling.

Furthermore, how these cannabis tampons work is quite simple. As stated by, “The vaginal walls absorb the medication directly into the bloodstream, and the cannabinoids are supposed to cause the nerves in the uterus, cervix, and ovaries to block out pain and relax the muscles.” The combination of the ingredients in the cannabis tampons is enough to activate specific cannabinoid receptors in the pelvic region once introduced into the woman’s body. Also, when not using the product, keep it in a cool and dry area like the refrigerator otherwise it will melt.

How Do Cannabis Tampons Work?

The cannabinoids in each serving are meant to relax the muscles and release tension within the body, especially the lower abdomen area and back, which is where most women feel cramping pain during their menstrual cycle. Due to cannabis’s antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties, the Foria products can go directly in the area where pain-relief is needed most. Not only are these cannabis tampons a huge lifesaver for women during their periods, but it could also be a potential option for pregnant women to use during childbirth rather than pharmaceutical drugs and other over-the-counter painkillers.

Moreover, Foria’s products have not been approved by the U.S. FDA yet nor have they been tested in clinical trials, however, there are countless stories and positive reviews from women about Foria’s cannabis tampons. For example, as stated by, “Online reviews say the products helped them with lower back problems and worked longer than traditional painkillers.” Another woman told Broadly that her cramps disappeared within twenty minutes in addition to another woman saying she could prevent the worsening pain, cramping, and piercing pains in her vaginal canal from using Foria’s cannabis tampons.

If you’re a woman who has a medical cannabis card, lives in Colorado or California, and are tired of experiencing monthly period pain after having little or no success with traditional over-the-counter painkillers, you should consider trying out Foria’s cannabis tampons. Even though a four-pack cost $44, these cannabis tampons work wonders for many different women, and it’s worth a shot if you want naturally holistic pain-relief during your menstrual cycles.

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Author: Nicole Skrobin