Can You Really Get a Cannabis Hangover?

image of jars of marijuana stacked on top of each other, showing a large amount of cannabis that would likely cause negative effects and give you a cannabis hangover

We all know you can get a hangover from alcohol, but does cannabis also come with consequences the next day?

Quite simply, yes.

But, Why?

What Are Cannabis Hangovers?

Cannabis hangovers are real, but they feel nothing like the stereotypical alcohol-induced hangover. In fact, cannabis hangovers are mild by comparison. Deep sleep followed by a groggy wakeup call is normal, as is having an unusually foggy mind and difficulty concentrating.

In short, a cannabis hangover feels like a weed high with none of the euphoria. It's not as bad as nausea, light sensitivity, and irritability though at least, right? And even better, cannabis hangovers are relatively hard to achieve and are usually only experienced after consuming edibles or an outrageous amount of weed smoke.

Yes, it's bad to overindulge in cannabis — it's also bad to overindulge in chocolate and sick days (two decidedly awesome things). Just enjoy your cannabis products safely and, if you do get a cannabis hangover, remember that it really could be worse than just a day of feeling foggy.

Are Cannabis Hangovers Real? 

Cannabis hangovers are not researched enough to definitively prove or disprove, but with so many first-hand accounts that attest to experiencing the phenomenon, the existence of 'weed-overs' is hard to deny. While many people claim to have experienced weed hangovers, others attribute cannabis hangover symptoms to tangentially related issues such as dehydration or pre-existing fatigue.

While these factors may contribute to the strength of a cannabis hangover, they don't explain away all the unique symptoms of weed overindulgence. Anyone who has had the misfortune of experiencing both a cannabis hangover and an alcohol hangover will know that there is no parallel between the two.

Alcohol makes you feel nauseated, tired, irritable, and all-around delicate. The more you drink, the worse you feel the next day. With weed hangovers, this isn't the case.

First of all, indulging to the point of such excess with cannabis is difficult. To feel negative side effects the day after cannabis consumption, you would have to have eaten a decently strong edible or have smoked a whole lot of weed. Either way, just achieving a cannabis hangover is more difficult than it is with alcohol (by far).

Even when you manage to consume enough weed to feel hungover the next day, it shouldn't feel close to as extreme as other kinds of hangovers.

Symptoms of a Cannabis Hangover image of a ton of rolled joints laid on top of each other on a white table

Using the word 'hangover' to describe the symptoms of cannabis overconsumption may be a bit of a misnomer. 'Hangover' probably makes you think of waking up with a splitting headache and smelling like last night's alcohol. 'Weed-overs,' as cannabis hangovers are colloquially called, aren't quite so dramatic, presenting most commonly with a single symptom: difficulty focusing and thinking clearly. That spacey feeling, forgetting words, feeling demotivated — all symptoms of overindulging in cannabis.

Don't expect to feel nausea, body aches, or any other typically alcohol-related maladies when experiencing a weed hangover. Instead, prepare to feel spacey, tired, and perhaps a bit headachy.

Some cannabis consumers report nausea as a side effect of cannabis overindulgence, but this is often due to edibles interfering with digestion (not a cannabis hangover, technically). Symptoms of a cannabis hangover are unpleasant but not life-threatening or likely to cause serious harm. That being said, it's generally a good idea to check up with a doctor if you experience any symptoms you're personally uncomfortable with.

Curing a Cannabis Hangover

Curing a cannabis hangover is easier than getting over a night of overindulging in alcohol. Since the most common side effect of a weed hangover is brain fog, a cool shower, caffeine, or even some exercise might be enough to snap you out of it.

If the tiredness and demotivation commonly associated with cannabis hangovers is getting you down, consider occupying your day with pleasant activities and not overexerting yourself.

Additionally, there is no 'hair of the dog' solution for cannabis overindulgence. Do not smoke more weed to get over smoking too much weed — it simply won't work, and your cannabis hangover might even get worse. On the flip side, consuming cannabis might actually fix your alcohol-induced hangover!

Everything in Moderation (Including Weed) image of a blue background with a marijuana bud on a scale reading 1 gram

Just because you know weed won't kill you doesn't mean you have to overdo it. If you suspect you may be susceptible to cannabis hangovers, consider moderating your usage and finding a threshold that works best for you. Switching from a strain high in THC to a less potent weed or switching from THC to CBD can help alleviate cannabis hangover frequency, duration, and strength.

If you're consistently consuming enough cannabis to cause frequent cannabis hangovers, consider temporarily quitting cannabis or at least taking a T-break for a few days. After all, it's pretty hard to get enough weed in your system to cause a 'weed-over.' Moderation, as always, is key.