10 Surprising Benefits of Cannabis Essential Oil

cannabis essential oil in a bottle with pot leaves

Cannabis essential oil is made from the cannabis sativa plant, specifically the flowers and leaves. It’s distilled steam from female plants. The active components in cannabis essential oil (beta-caryophyllene and myrcene) correlate strongly with anti-inflammation. It's a green color, usually sticky and potent, and is versatile – It’s used in products ranging from perfumes to soaps to candles, as well as a direct skin treatment.

Hemp seed essential oil, on the other hand, is made via cold-pressing, rather than steam. This type of yellow oil is known for clearing skin and reducing toxins throughout the body for overall improved health.

Benefits of Cannabis Essential Oil

Here are the top 10 benefits of cannabis essential oil:

Increases Appetite

There is some truth to the munchie-eating trope of marijuana consumers – Depending on the strain, sometimes the plant can make those who smoke or ingest it hungrily. This is why cannabis has earned a reputation for helping cancer patients find an appetite after agonizing rounds of chemotherapy. Similarly, cannabis essential oil is an ideal solution for people who would like to gain weight, balance dietary issues, or simply eat more.  Hands hold cannabis essential oil about weed plant

Reduces Pain

One of the most common qualifying conditions for medical marijuana programs throughout the United States is chronic: Cannabis gives relief for those who are suffering. Cannabis essential oil can be used to treat both chronic and acute pain, stopping hurt directly in its path. At the very least, the oil is able to make the aching more tolerable, if not deplete it completely. 

(Potentially) Treats Cancer

While more human-based research is still required, experiments have shown that there are promising developments between cannabis essential oil and cancer. Scientists have established that certain cannabinoids have effectively killed certain cancer cells, in addition to stopping the formation of tumors and division of cancerous cells. It should be noted that canna-oil was more beneficial when combined with chemotherapy 

Manages Anxiety

When it comes to stress and anxiety, cannabis essential oil can be a huge help. The compounds in the oil provide relief by releasing pleasure hormones, which in turn help to relax the mind while spreading calmness. The cannabinoids can also help to level out emotional responses, by targeting receptors in the brain. The result? Stress and anxiety melt away into the bliss of the canna-oil.

pot of cannabis essential oil with marijuana leaf

Friendly to Eyes

Adding cannabis essential oil to your daily regimen can benefit eye health. Issues like glaucoma and macular degeneration can arise, which both result in the gradual loss of vision. Glaucoma wreaks havoc by causing the build-up of fluid in the optic nerve, retina, and lens of the eye; this causes a lot of extra pressure to be placed on these areas.

Cannabis essential oil works to alleviate and eliminate the pressure in the eyes. If you're feeling a lot of extra fluid around your peepers, invest in some cannabis oil.  

Boosts Skin 

If flawless skin has always been a dream of yours, cannabis essential oil might just be the answer you're looking for.  

There are a ton of benefits for your skin: Along with treating conditions such as eczema and psoriasis (which are known to be triggered by stress), canna-oils also help with acne and redness, improve skin elasticity (good for wrinkles), and can ease the onset of age spots and marks. Hair quality is also improved since cannabis oils also stimulate hair growth and add an extra level of shine. 

Helps Asthma

You've heard about the anti-inflammatory properties in cannabis – This trait also helps to relieve difficulties with breathing. Asthma is a common condition that is caused by the constriction of the bronchi. This can happen because of either allergies or a case of inflammation. Luckily, cannabis and hemp essential oils can directly treat the inflammation, helping alleviate the struggle and provide relief, essentially facilitating the breathing process. Take good, clean, deep breaths, with a little herbal help.

cannabis essential oil near dry flower

Improves Sleep

People with insomnia can easily benefit from cannabis essential oil. Sleeping problems vanish, thanks to the plant's ability to relax the entire mind and body and lull consumers to sleep. The heart rate relaxes and the mind clears, making for an easy transition into a deep and uninterrupted sleep. 

Supports Heart Health 

There's more to heart health than jumping jacks, Cheerios, and jump rope. Cannabis essential oil, for example, help with certain diseases that restrain and clog blood vessels. Cannabis can be a tool in dilating and relaxing blood vessels, which lower blood pressure and cholesterol, while improving blood flow and circulation. Having good blood pressure is the best prevention against issues like stroke and heart attacks.

Relieves Headaches

When a headache begins to rage, cannabis essential oil can be a source of nearly instant relief. Like CBD topicals, essential oils can act as a spot treatment to directly target the area in pain and send help straight there. For support against migraines or headaches, rubbing cannabis oil straight on the spot is the best bet. 

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