Buying Cannabis in Colorado Springs

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Buying Marijuana In Colorado Springs Colorado Springs has a unique situation regarding cannabis sales compared to most other major Colorado cities.

Unlike Denver, Boulder, or other large CO cities, the town decided to place a moratorium against recreational sales. Therefore, there are no ‘rec’ shops within the limits of the city. This has been a point of frustration for many residents, who have had to drive to Denver or Pueblo just to buy retail cannabis.

That changed slightly when Manitou Springs, a nearby town about 5 minutes away, allowed for two licensed recreational cannabis stores to open. Colorado Springs residents are now able to take a shorter drive to Emerald Fields or Maggie’s Farm if they want to purchase rec cannabis. However, because there are only two shops servicing such a massive area, demand has caused these stores to elevate prices to insane levels.

Colorado SpringsOur first and best tip for buying cannabis if you plan on living in Colorado Springs? Get a medical card. Especially if you don’t want to pay $60 for an eighth of flower.

There are over 100 fantastic medical marijuana stores in Colorado Springs that can serve registered patients. It’s very easy to get your medical card in Colorado, and doing so will ultimately save you time and LOTS of money. The price difference between MMJ and the two rec stores in nearby Manitou is staggering. Medical patients in CO Springs generally pay $15-$20 per eighth of flower, and ~$20 per gram of concentrates, especially if you use Leafbuyer coupons! The same products in Manitou’s rec shops can cost upwards of $60 per eighth and $60 per gram of wax/shatter. If that isn’t enough of a price hike, there’s also the hefty recreational tax (around 20%) on top of your ticket. Medical Marijuana patients in Colorado Springs also generally enjoy better service, less wait time, and higher quality products.

Getting your medical card only costs around $60. Chances are you’ll save more than $60 on your first trip to a medical shop, making it well worth the investment. You’ll also enjoy greater selection of stores, products, and deals!