Bill Nye the Cannabis Guy?

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Bill Nye is a generational fixture in science education. He's been getting kids excited about science since Bill Nye the Science Guy aired on PBS in 1993, and he's still exploring critical, complex subjects in his new series Bill Nye Saves the World. For many of us who grew up with the science guru, putting Bill Nye and marijuana in the same sentence causes a little cognitive dissonance ? but it also raises a compelling question: What does the Science Guy think about weed? Well, thanks to his show and his willingness to talk to interviewers, we have a pretty good idea.  

The Short Answer 

You can breathe a sigh of relief. In a NowThis video interview, he makes it clear that while he doesn't like the smell of weed, he firmly believes in legalization. Bill has actually been an advocate for medical marijuana for quite some time, but the second season of his new Netflix show, he actually goes out to buy some recreational marijuana. Don't get too excited though: it's for science, of course! While you won't catch the Science Guy in a smoke sesh, you can count on him as an ally in the fight for safe access to cannabis.  

A Deeper Look 

While the Science Guy is known for his many marijuana-themed interviewsRolling Stone recently gathered his most up-to-date thoughts on the substance in a February discussion. If you weren't convinced before, this exchange confirms that Bill Nye and marijuana aren't remotely at odds. 

When asked about Jeff Sessions' famous "good people don't smoke marijuana" quote, Bill was quick to say: "I don't really see eye to eye with Jeff Sessions on this issue. If you want to smoke marijuana, you should be able to smoke it."  

He has also been watching the developments surrounding legalization, and he pointed out that "the thing I find interesting is that use among young people in Washington State did not go up measurably. So let's not criminalize it. Let's tax it! It's a crop that we can raise and monetize." 

He went on to state that we should treat weed like we do other controlled substances. You can't smoke cigarettes on an airplane, or drink and drive, but you're still allowed access to those substances; and pot should be no different. 

When asked about the most helpful and reliable resources in marijuana education, the Science Guy mentioned Israeli cannabis scientist Raphael Mechoulam, noting that Israel's medical cannabis program is a model for "the most compelling and reasonable analysis."  

Championing a Scientific Approach 

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Unsurprisingly, Bill Nye and marijuana cross paths at one critical junction: science. While he said, "I don't really like smoking marijuana," he also followed it up with, "But you guys, knock yourselves out."    

It's heartening to watch a venerated science educator approach cannabis with such a reasonable and even-keeled manner. Like many of us, Bill Nye the Science Guy just wants cannabis to get its moment in the research spotlight.  

For Bill, it's all about the science of the stuff. "Scientific study is of great value, and I think marijuana is worthy of scientific study."