Five of the Best Weed Strains for Productivity

woman holding a broom and cleaning supplies, wearing an apron and gloves

It's not always easy to harness enough get-up-and-go to stay productive throughout a busy day. There's always something that needs to be done, whether it's keeping up with your regular job, ferrying kids to and fro, or improving your skill at your favorite hobby. While many people choose cannabis as a way to relax, a lot of others have discovered the invigorating powers of certain strains. We've rounded up five of the best weed strains for productivity, based on five common problems that keep you from doing your best work.

Green Crack

“Green Crack” is one of those strain names that inspires serious side-eye. Although we can safely say the title is mere hyperbole, there's no denying Green Crack packs an energetic punch.

When it's Useful: When you're lying in bed after a rough night's sleep, listening to your alarm go off and thinking of any plausible reason to not go to work today.

How it Hits: Green Crack is one of the best weed strains for productivity when you're feeling tired and foggy. The high hits quickly after the first inhalation, and fills consumers with a jolt of cerebral energy. Pair a hit of Green Crack with a cup of your favorite coffee, and sleepy time is definitely over.

How it Facilitates Productivity: With Green Crack, the greatest benefit to productivity is focus. While many strains are loved for their ability to broaden and relax the mind, Green Crack works to narrow your focus. It can even enhance problem solving skills. This strain has little ill effects on mental acuity, and is well-suited to tasks that require precision and exactitude.

Strawberry Cough

man doing laundry to show that there are some good weed strains for productivity


You know exactly what you're getting with Strawberry Cough. This tasty, fruity strain is another way to inject some energy into your day.

When it's Useful: When you have to sweep, mop, do laundry, finish the dishes, and finish a report... But you'd rather eat your hat than do any of those things.

How it Hits: Strawberry Cough leans heavily toward the sativa side of the spectrum, so expect its effects to kick in quickly. Some find the fast onset of Strawberry Cough's high a little jarring, but this can be avoided by consuming mindfully and starting slow.

How it Facilitates Productivity: Between the mellow euphoria and thought-provoking cerebral high which merge into a pleasant motivation, Strawberry Cough is one of the best weed strains for productivity. You'll be much more content to push through boring chores and mundane tasks with the buzzy, happy high from Strawberry Cough.


woman holding her knee because of knee inflammation, and harlequin strain is good for inflammation

Some people just can't be productive with most strains because of the psychoactive side effects. Harlequin is a sativa-dominant, CBD-rich strain with a standard CBD to THC ratio of 5:2.

When it's Useful: When pain, inflammation, nausea, or anxiety are keeping you from doing what needs to be done.

How it Hits: Harlequin is a jack of all trades. Because it was developed specifically as a medical strain, it has more whole-body effects than most others. When enjoying the smooth smoke of Harlequin, you won't notice any cerebral effects other than a general uplifted feeling and a reduction of stress.

How it Facilitates Productivity: Harlequin contributes to productivity by quieting symptoms that distract you from your work. Minor aches and pains can certainly be worked through, but reduction in pain almost always correlates with increased productivity. Harlequin is an excellent choice for those with depression and anxiety, as it can minimize the symptoms without exacerbating the root conditions. Whenever the road seems a little too rough, Harlequin can help smooth the way for productivity.


woman smiling after smoking cannabis strain tangie, a weed strain good for productivity

Another fruity favorite, Tangie has won an astonishing 10 prizes at Cannabis Cups. The orange-scented sativa is one of the best weed strains for productivity when consumed in small doses.

When it's Useful: When you're feeling overwhelmed or down in the dumps and aren't sure how to see the bright side of life.

How it Hits: Tangie is a smooth and tasty smoke, with a high that settles in a bit more gradually than most sativas. The most marked effect you'll notice with Tangie is the kind of euphoria that inspires an ear-to-ear grin. After this relaxing and uplifting feeling washes over you, it's swiftly followed by increased creativity and focus.

How it Facilitates Productivity: Tangie aids productivity by simply making you feel better than you did before. It can be used to make a fine day better, or to mitigate the effects of mood disorders such as depression and anxiety. When mood is the matter preventing you from reaching your productivity potential, Tangie is the way to go.


stones at the beach being balanced on a larger stone, showing that xj-13 is a strain that creates a balanced high

XJ-13 is a wonderfully balanced hybrid strain with exceptional potency. It's one of the best weed strains for productivity due to its balance of mind and body effects.

When it's Useful: When nothing else has worked, and you're still racked with a migraine or gripped by the symptoms of a mood disorder.

How it Hits: XJ-13 is a seriously hard hitter, with effects that quickly take hold of both body and mind. Difficult symptoms like chronic pain and inflammation quickly subside to bearable levels after a hit of this strain's piney, citrus flavored smoke.

How it Facilitates Productivity: XJ-13 is for those who need a potent strain to manage their symptoms enough to unblock productivity. When consumed in appropriate doses, this strain can knock out many of the symptoms distracting you from putting your best foot forward. The buzz numbs the body and helps create a focused and clear state of mind so you can get everything done.

Finding Other Strains for Productivity

cannabis buds in a jar with more buds and 2 joints in the background

You've probably noticed all the strains on this list have several characteristics in common. The best weed strains for productivity are sativas or hybrids, with balanced mind-body effects and a clear-headed euphoria. If you can't find any of these specific strains at your local dispensary, just ask your budtender for recommendations with these characteristics.