The Best Cannabis Strains for Arthritis

man holding onto his hand because of arthritis pain

Dealing with arthritis is no fun, especially when you don't know the best cannabis strains for arthritis. Between life and doctor's visits and more pharmacy trips than you can remember it's important to have a reliable way to treat your arthritis on your own. Just about any weed should help alleviate some symptoms of arthritis, but some cannabis strains with superb anti-inflammation attributes are best for treating arthritis. Weed strains high in CBD and low in THC are particularly beneficial for people with arthritis who desire pain relief but do not want to feel high. But that doesn't mean that all strains good for arthritis are high in CBD. So browse these five best cannabis strains for arthritis and decide which works best for you. And don't feel limited to just one strain! The best cannabis strains for your arthritis may be different depending on pain level, time of day, and personal preference.


growing acdc cannabis strain, a great cannabis strain for arthritis

If you want one of the best cannabis strains for arthritis look no further than the classic ACDC. ACDC is a balanced hybrid cannabis strain for arthritis, pain management, mood management, and general relief of day-to-day unpleasantries. With such a hardcore name you'd think ACDC would be quite the psychoactive strain but that couldn't be further from the truth. In fact, ACDC is only considered true ACDC if the ratio of CBD to THC is around 20:1. Perfect for relieving pain without feeling like you've consumed cannabis, ACDC is first on the list for cannabis strains for arthritis. Dry mouth, dry eyes, and dizziness are all possible side effects of ACDC consumption.


cannatonic cannabis strain which is one of the best cannabis strains for arthritis

Cannatonic is one of the best cannabis strains for arthritis not only because of its high THC content but also due to the strain's potent pain-relieving effects. Consumers report strong feelings of euphoria, relaxation, and happiness after taking Cannatonic. The high from this strain is felt not only in the mind but in the body as well with a notable body high to accompany cerebral pain relief. Taking Cannatonic for arthritis is highly suggested for people looking for a pain killing high with a good balance between both indica and sativa effects. Cannatonic is a good strain for medicating in the morning since it is unlikely to make you sleepy (unless you consume too much, of course). If your arthritis is a constant but not overwhelming pain and you don't mind feeling a little high, then Cannatonic might be the perfect cannabis strain for your arthritis.

Charlotte's Web

charlotte's web cannabis strain

Charlotte's Web is pretty famous as far as cannabis strains go, best-known for its role in helping a little girl overcome her crippling epilepsy. Yes, Charlotte's Web is marijuana that even children (and pets) can use for medicinal purposes! With a THC content of less than one percent, Charlotte's Web is technically hemp – not cannabis. This technicality allows children to benefit from the effects of cannabis. No psychoactive effects, only sweet CBD relief. From seizures to anxiety to arthritis, Charlotte's Web is an amazing strain. Don't believe us? Just try some Charlotte's Web for yourself and see if it really is as good for arthritis as we claim!


cannabis in a jar getting ready to be weighed

Especially for a high-CBD strain, Harlequin is no joke. It's the cannabis strain you want if your arthritis needs constant but minute dosing to fight the worst of the pain and the inflammation. Expect to feel equally relaxed, uplifted, and happy from the effects of Harlequin. Users might experience slight paranoia from this strain due to its sativa-dominant nature. But if your arthritis hurts enough then perhaps feeling a little anxiousness is worth the pain relief Harlequin can provide. Either way, give this cannabis strain a try to see if Harlequin is the best strain to treat your arthritis.


jar of cannabis nugs

Despite the somewhat scary clown reference of a name, Pennywise is a great cannabis strain for arthritis. As an indica-dominant hybrid weed strain, Pennywise's effects are largely felt in the body which is great for beating away unnecessary aches and pains. A relatively new strain on the market, Pennywise is gaining traction fast for its unique blend of CBD and THC. In fact, Pennywise is one of the few cannabis strains for arthritis with such an equal balance between CBD and THC. If you want a mellow high with notable pain-killing effects then look no further than Pennywise! Just give Pennywise a try – who knows, you might have your new favorite cannabis strain (for arthritis, other medical issues, and maybe just for chilling too).