Are Magic Mushrooms The New Marijuana?

Reading this title, you might think of psychedelic mushrooms as a new sort of gateway drug. But the truth is nothing to scoff at. Much like marijuana has become widely accepted as an important and useful herb for treating a myriad of ailments, diseases, and symptoms, mushrooms can be similarly helpful. And people are starting to talk about it.

Recently in Montreal, the first ever “9/20” event was held, known as Psilocybin Mushroom Day. This date is suspiciously similar to marijuana’s own “4/20,” so much so that it is widely accepted that it was created intentionally as its own version of marijuana’s famous day, thus bringing together all the shroom enthusiasts to build a community. The month needed to be far enough away from marijuana’s April, but the same day was thought to keep the tie to marijuana strong and obvious enough.

Magic mushrooms vs. marijuana

At the event in Montreal, and elsewhere in various psychedelic mushroom communities, people have begun to talk about the actual helpful uses of mushrooms. One surprising use is crime prevention. A large amount of data shows that shrooms can be used to prevent convicts from reoffending if used in combination with therapy sessions.

Not only that, but mushrooms can also be used to treat certain ailments such as addictions of various types, spiritual crises, and even PTSD. This is quite similar to medical marijuana in terms of what it is most often used to treat. Many users of both marijuana and magic mushrooms now serve as strong proponents of their healing powers.

Marijuana, of course, is used differently than shrooms. Psychedelic mushrooms should not be used on a daily basis, while medical marijuana is often used daily to increase a person’s quality of life if they are living with anxiety, depression, or disorders such as PTSD. Of course, both marijuana and psychedelic mushrooms can also be enjoyed for purely recreational purposes. While marijuana is becoming more widely accepted even in its recreational form, however, shrooms are still far from being accepted in mainstream culture in a similar way.

Magic mushrooms in the mainstream

While we are still in the age of the marijuana movement rather than the magic mushroom movement, it’s possible things could change. After all, once you recognize the benefits of one psychedelic, non-toxic drug (such as THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, found in marijuana), it’s hard to deny the fact that others (such as psilocybin, the active chemical in shrooms) could also be beneficial. Magic mushrooms, as another type of psychedelic, non-toxic substance, are the natural progression.

The shroom scene has changed drastically since the good ol’ days of hippies. Now it’s often open-minded, curious youngsters (such as college students) who attend these types of events, as well as people of other ages who have been using it for its healing and pleasurable properties. No more tie-dye shirts dominate these crowds, to the great relief of many.

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