5 Benefits of Marijuana

Photo By: szalai szilveszter/shutterstock.com

Medical and recreational pot usage may spark controversy in some circles. But regardless of your stance, one fact remains: marijuana seems to have far more benefits than disadvantages.
In the past several years, we’ve uncovered some interesting facts about its medicinal properties. At least two active chemicals feature medicinal properties:

  • Cannabidiol (CBD) impacts the brain without a high.
  • Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) has pain relieving properties, among other benefits.

Using that knowledge, researchers have found several benefits of marijuana. We’ll discuss a few of them today.

Control Epileptic Seizures

A 2003 study showed how patients can use marijuana to prevent seizures.

Robert J. DeLorenzo gave epileptic rats synthetic marijuana and a marijuana extract. His findings revealed that the drug relieved seizures for nearly 10 hours.

Both CBD and THC work to control seizures. The chemical bind brain cells and regulate relaxation. This calms the mind and controls the excitability caused by cells in the brain.

Stop Cancer from Spreading

Researchers at California Pacific Medical Center reported that CBD prevents the spread of cancer. Cancer cells can make rapid copies of the Id-1 gene. Cannabidiol stops that process.

With the onslaught of cancer throughout the world, this could mean huge things for patients.

Decrease Anxiety

A 2010 Harvard Medical School study suggests that benefits like pain and nausea relief may stem from reduced anxiety. At low doses, the drug can act as a sedative and improve mood.

Watch out, though. High doses may have the opposite effect. You may end up with increased anxiety and paranoia. Not a good combination.

Slow the Progression of Alzheimer’s

Kim Janda led a study at the Scripps Research Institute. Their findings suggested that marijuana may slow Alzheimer’s progression.

A 2006 study took it a bit deeper. They found that THC could hinder growth of amyloid plaques. The chemical blocks the brain’s enzyme that creates them. And it’s those plaques that cause Alzheimer’s by killing brain cells.

Spurs Creativity

Despite stereotypes spun by mainstream media, marijuana can influence the brain in a positive way. If you need to come up with ideas or do better at tests, get the spark you need with a bit of pot.
Researchers believe that the creative enhancement comes from the dopamine release in the brain. This lessens inhibitions and increases relaxation.

Sounds like a perfect environment for testing or idea generation.
What benefits have you found from smoking pot? Has it impacted your life in a positive way? Share your story in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you!