10 Tips for Having the Best 420 Celebration Ever

Games, pipes, and plenty of food; With marijuana legality becoming widespread, it’s an exciting time to celebrate the age-old holiday, 4/20.

With most people new to the pot-party game thanks to the previously clandestine nature of the hobby, it can be tough to know where to start as you plan your fete. We’ve rounded up 10 tips for a party set up and execution to help you and your marijuana-friendly compatriots have the best 420 celebration, ever.

Designate an Area

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It’s important to make sure that everyone participating in your celebration is over 21 years of age. If minors are in or around the space where you’re throwing your party, you should set up a smoking lounge in a separate designated area that is behind closed doors. Kit the room out with plenty of apparatuses, a few different strains in jars, bowls of snacks, and bottles of water. You can also throw in some flowers or incense if you want to keep the weed smell from lingering too much.

Kit Out the Bathroom

If you want to really go that extra mile to make your 420 celebration one to remember, you can ensure everyone’s feeling their best by stocking the bathroom with plenty of eye drops, spare contact lens cases and solution, lotion, individual chapstick tubes, and breath mints.

Make the Munchies a Competition

Food is going to be an essential part of this party; why not turn it into an activity? Try sandwich stacking competition, where the winner is the person who can load on the most ingredients without the sandwich tipping over. You could also go the more traditional route and have a good old-fashioned eating contest.

Provide Some Entertainment

Let’s face it; depending on what strain you’re smoking and your personal reaction to marijuana, sometimes the only thing we want to do when we’re high is sit in one place. Set up a movie room and play classic stoner movies like Up in Smoke, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Clerks, and The Big Lebowski on repeat. Don’t forget the popcorn!

Get Creative

One of marijuana’s biggest advantages is its ability to get your creative juices flowing. Setting up a craft station with things like paint, markers, and clay may seem juvenile, but will definitely bring a lot of joy to your stoned guests.

Have Some Taste

If you want to get a little fancy, you can set up a simple pot tasting and wine pairing session. Talk to your local dispensary about strains they have on offer and their respective flavor profiles. If you’re not sure where to get your bud, you can search for dispensaries in your area through Leafbuyer. Pick a few distinct, interesting ones, and do some web research on what wine they pair well with. For instance, did you know that purple kush goes best with merlot? Print out some notes and give your friends a crash course on the strains and the wines. You’ll never feel classier!

Make it a Pot-Luck

Everybody loves edibles; making the party into a potluck is a great way to ensure you have plenty of them. Have your friends show off their baking skills by bringing their best weed-infused dish. If they don’t have a good space to make edibles away from minors, no problem; “regular” dishes will be just as well received.

Play Your Cards Right

If you’re looking to pack in some laughs, card games like Apples to Apples and Cards Against Humanity are perfect for a little bit of outrageous fun (that doesn’t require anyone to get off the couch).

Give a Gift that Keeps On Giving

When it’s time to head home, let your friends savor the celebration a little bit longer by offering them a party favor of a pre-rolled joint and a lighter– you can even get customized Bics if you order online in time.

Safety Counts

Go the extra mile to make sure your friends get to and from your party safely. Recommend walking or biking where it’s possible (and safe) or choosing designated drivers to give people rides. If you ask all of your friends to chip in a couple of bucks up front, you could also hire a taxi or bus service to bring people home at the end of the night. Making sure everyone gets home from your party safely should be the number one priority in having the best 420 celebration ever.

No matter how you choose to celebrate, you can rest assured that a 420 party will be a hit with all of your friends. Don’t skimp on the bud, buy plenty of food, and have enough beer on hand; your party is destined to be the best 420 celebration ever, all on its own.